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DIY Glass Balustrading 

With the increase in popularity a modern Glass Balustrade is becoming even more affordable and easier to DIY install.

Feel free to email us (sales@allthingsstainless.com.au) a drawing with the layout of your balustrade and indicate the style that you would like and we will send you a quote. 

We have 3 easy to install options available. These being spigots that hold the glass from the underside, Posts that hold the glass from the sides and glass clamps that also hold the glass from the sides and can be installed on existing posts.

We have split our Glass Balustrading components into 5 sections:

Glass Panels - You will find Standard size glass panels 970mm high and ranging in widths from 500-1800mm.

Glass Spigots - You will find both Core Drill and Top Mount in Round, Square and Glass Vice Spigots. 

Stainless Posts : You will find Round and Square Stainless Steel posts in both slotted tube and using Glass Clamps.

Top Rails : You will find a selection of different Rail profiles as well as flush joining fittings.

Hardware : You will find a large range of Gate Hinges, Gate Latches and Glass Clamps. 

We have 22 standard size glass panels available that are 970mm high and range in width from 500mm to 1800mm. These panels are suitable for use with spigots, glass clamps and slotted tube posts.

We can also supply custom size and shape panels. Custom glass start from $110 per m2 + $6.90 per metre for polishing the edges. Please email sales@allthingsstainless.com.au for a quote. 

Standard size panels are the most cost effective so if you can work around our standard size panels you will save money. This can be achieved by varying the spacing between panels and using different size panels.

If you wish to install a glass gate in your balustrade we can supply drilled panels to hold the hinges as well as drilled gates. Please email sales@allthingsstainless.com.au with your panel sizes for a quote. 

Glass Balustrade Regulations 

Glass Balustrade Regulations

Glass Balustrade Price Comparison  

We get asked daily "what is the cost of a glass balustrade per metre"> As there are some many options and factors that will influence the price we do not have an accurate answer to this question. Below are a range of common installation options. We have calculate the cost of a 3 metre section on each option to work out a metre rate. This rate is purely to give you an idea of the different options and costs. Each balustrade we supply differs in cost due to style, size, shape and existing structures that can be connect to.

Cost of Glass Balustrade per metre

Cost of Glass Balustrade per metre

Cost of Glass Balustrade per metre

Cost of Glass Balustrade per metre

Cost of Glass Balustrade per metre


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