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  John and Karen
Before and after pictures of John and Karens staircase and balcony. John and Karen used Pre-Swaged Wires with Lag Screws.
Matt & Cleo's Deck
During installation of Matt & Cleo's new deck. All Things Stainless supplied the wires (pre-swaged with Lag Screws) and frames for the privacy screens that can be seen in the background.
  Gary & Janets Riverfront Deck
All Things Stainless Supplied Pre-Swaged Kits with Lag Screws for fast and easy installation.
Dave & Jans Deck
Thanks to Dave & Jan for sending us some pictures of their new deck for everyone to see. All Things Stainless supplied the wire and Hand Swaged DIY kits with Eye/Hook Turnbuckle and these guys did the rest. What a fantastic result!!
  Maurie & De's Deck
All Things Stainless Supplied the posts and pre-swaged wires. A very professional looking finish.
A Selection of Mixed Pictures
A large selection of mixed pictures of Handrails, Wires and Glass balustrades. All Things Stainless can help you achieve any of these looks. Just email sales@allthingsstainless.com.au for advice.
  Ian & Di
All Things Stainless supplied Pre-Swaged Kits with Lag Screws for easy installation and a professional result.
Stainless Posts + Handrail + Wires
  Hans From South Australia
Hans has done a wonderfull job of installing his Stainless handrail with wire and glass balustrade. All Things Stainless supplied all of the materials in a DIY kit and Hans has installed it all himself. Great Job!!
Ian & Jan - Carey Bay, NSW

All Things Stainless supplied Ian with the stainless steel posts, wire and balustrade kits for his balustrade. Ian did the rest. What a great job he has done and I am sure you will all agree what a sensational view Ian has.

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